VNC Viewer (Remote Access)

8 Dec

If I have setup remote access to your computer using VNC, you can follow these directions for my latest recommendation on how to connect and what programs to use. Connect From Another Windows PC I recommend using “TightVNC”, a free and … Read More »

Sending Bulk Email

3 Nov

Sending bulk email can have some undesired consequences and in more extreme cases can even be breaking laws (albeit hardly enforced) if done improperly. Here are a few common mistakes, why they matter and what you should do to correct … Read More »

Hosted E-Mail & Spam

23 Oct

The web hosting services I provide include hosted email with an unlimited number of email addresses. Storage space for your email is limited by the same storage space you have for your web hosting, I recommend that you reserve about 4GB … Read More »

Windows 10 Possible Free License

22 Jun

Windows 10 is right around the corner and i’m getting pretty excited as it should represent a large improvement over Windows 8. Microsoft has been making Windows 10 available for “preview” for some time now and I’ve been glad to … Read More »

Server Migration 4-10-15

9 Apr

A message to my clients who have a website hosted with me: Over the past few weeks the server I use to provide website hosting has suffered from three outages of about ten minutes each. This degree of downtime does … Read More »


5 Feb

Disclaimer: data protection is a never ending effort, always evolving and requiring our constant attention, this information should only be considered an overview to get you started. Backups are essential for keeping your data protected from loss but people often don’t understand what … Read More »

File Sharing & Downloading

20 Oct

I can’t tell you how often I have to repair an infected computer because someone was overly trusting in [insert latest file sharing program]. Programs like LimeWire are the victims of much hate and while these types of file sharing are popular … Read More »

Torrent Protocol Encryption

20 Oct

An interesting feature of Torrent clients like uTorrent that people are often not ware of is encryption. The encryption that torrent programs use is probably pretty weak and isn’t hiding anything from anyone who really want’s to see it. However it … Read More »


20 Oct

If you were sent here for the purpose of remote support please download and run this program: Download UVNC-Helper.exe Note/Links For Support Personnel: Written in AutoIt. Uses UVNC to establish a VNC connection. Help documentation More downloads UVNC forum topic