Comcast provides the full unrestricted version of Norton Security Suite to its customers, this is a great offer but has just a couple of downsides:

1. Norton can be a burden on an older computer, Norton advertises rock-bottom requirements to my amazement so here is what I recommend:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Dual Core CPU @ 3Ghz or better
  • 4GB RAM

As a simple rule lets say any computer made in the last four years. If you’re worried you don’t meet these recommendations or your computer runs slow, consider Avast Free. Click the link and follow the guides but always stay with the free option, they try to make it look like the free option is disabled or wont work but rest assured it will. Also you should note that Avast Free works in 1 year cycles, after one year you will need to re-register (not re download) but you will be faced with the same trickery with the free version options appearing disabled or over shadowed by the pay-for options.

2. Comcast tries to bundle Norton with a variety of programs that although not malicious; they are confusing and unnecessary gimmicks. Luckily there is a way around installing this extra junk, instead of going through the normal steps on the Comcast home page; click the link below to go directly to the ‘Norton only download’. You might still be prompted or see an option to download “Constant Guard”, I don’t recommend.

 If you see a feature of Constant Guard you think you need I would encourage you to contact me so we can discuss your needs and options.

Norton Only Download: