A message to my clients who have a website hosted with me:

Over the past few weeks the server I use to provide website hosting has suffered from three outages of about ten minutes each. This degree of downtime does not meet my standards and I’ve decided to upgrade the server.

The company that provides the server has been fantastic and the outages have been no fault of theirs. The technology used on my current server is simply not sufficient, they have a better offering that would of negated these outages and I plan to upgrade the server tomorrow (Friday) night at about 9PM.

The migration will not require you to change any settings for your domain, website or email. During the migration you may not be able to access your website or email hosted on the server. The process should take less than 30 minutes.

Once the migration is complete you may need to restart your email client, phone or computer if you see errors when checking email hosted from the server.

Thank you and please let me know if you experience any trouble after Friday night.


The migration took place a little later and was a little slower than expected but is now complete. A few server reboots may take place over the weekend, downtime will be under a minute for each reboot. Thank you and I hope we can all enjoy this upgrade and improved reliability.