I’ve been working with a PHP/web based invoicing system called “Simple Invoices”. The name is perfect, this system is very simple, and for a developer it’s a breeze to add those little features that are needed for your specific application. My time with Simple Invoices has revealed to me a significant demand to be able to run Simple Invoices ‘off-line’. To meet that demand I’ve joined the Simple Invoices team to build and maintain an off-line/portable container for Simple Invoices to run in.

This portable application is a prepackaged preconfigured portable web-server with PHP and MySQL specifically tailored for Simple Invoices. What this all means is that instead of having to pay for a web-host or go through the pains of setting up a web-app, you can simply download this program and get started without installing anything to your computer, this is also a great way to demo Simple Invoices.


You can provide feedback and get support
at the simple invoices google plus community or by contacting me

Read the documentation and view the code at GitHub



I’ve made a fair number of custom modifications to simple invoices for special purposes, if you are interested in hiring me to add something to Simple Invoices please feel free to contact me.