An interesting feature of Torrent clients like uTorrent that people are often not ware of is encryption. The encryption that torrent programs use is probably pretty weak and isn’t hiding anything from anyone who really want’s to see it. However it can help with something that has become a hot topic in recent years: ISPs throttling certain types of traffic.

In uTorrent (and other torrent programs) you’ll find a setting to enable protocol encryption, make sure it’s enabled and without exceptions. Sometime you will have options for outbound and inbound encryption, preferably you should enable both but depending on the granularity of the settings available to you in your torrent client you might need to experiment with the settings to make sure they don’t negatively impact your download performance.


In the cases that it does impact download performance, you might not be able to connect to certain seeders because they are not permitting encryption for some reason, this should be rare and a sign you might not want to connect to them anyway.