If I have setup remote access to your computer using VNC, you can follow these directions for my latest recommendation on how to connect and what programs to use.

Connect From Another Windows PC

I recommend using “TightVNC”, a free and open source VNS software, download it using the link below. Select either “Installer for Windows” option that corresponds to your operating system (most modern systems are 64-bit).

TightVNC Download Page

Download and run the installer. While following the installation steps you will be asked what type of installation to run, select “Custom”:


On the next screen, select “TightVNC Server” and choose “Entire feature will be unavailable”.


Follow the default options for the remaining steps. Once installation is complete you can open “TightVNC Viewer” through your start menu.

After opening TightVNC Viewer fill in the “Remote Host” box with the information you  were provided, after pressing connect you will be prompted to enter your password.


Connect From An Android Device

The most popular and one of the simplest VNC apps for Android is  VNC Viewer by RealVNC

Check back for more information on how to setup this app.