Windows 10 Possible Free License

Windows 10 is right around the corner and i’m getting pretty excited as it should represent a large improvement over Windows 8. Microsoft has been making Windows 10 available for “preview” for some time now and I’ve been glad to use it on test machines and virtual machines, the experience has been outstanding.

In the past few days information has come out that indicates Microsoft will permit people who are using the preview version of Windows to upgrade to the final version and have it remain activated without charge. This could be useful for a lot of folks who installed Windows 10 Preview on a custom built machine and who don’t have the free upgrade rights that are permitted when upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.

Some of the details are fuzzy and some reports contradict each other but the consensus seems to be that come the final release, Windows insiders will get something. It’s also generally understood that enterprise environments wont be allowed to do this but it does seem to be worth installing Windows 10 somewhere just to have it if you need it and maybe this will work in our favor. The only issue i’m worried about is that i’m using Windows 10 in a virtual machine and I’m not sure if or how that could transfer to a physical machine.