5 Feb

Disclaimer: data protection is a never ending effort, always evolving and requiring our constant attention, this information should only be considered an overview to get you started. Backups are essential for keeping your data protected from loss but people often don’t understand what … Read More »

File Sharing & Downloading

20 Oct

I can’t tell you how often I have to repair an infected computer because someone was overly trusting in [insert latest file sharing program]. Programs like LimeWire are the victims of much hate and while these types of file sharing are popular … Read More »

Gibson ShieldsUp Firewall Test

20 Oct

I’ve always been very careful to make sure my firewall is working right, I don’t like using advanced firewall software like what yuo get from Norton or other vendors. The software they provide is very bloated, comes with things you … Read More »

Comcast Norton Without Constant Guard

20 Oct

Comcast provides the full unrestricted version of Norton Security Suite to its customers, this is a great offer but has just a couple of downsides: 1. Norton can be a burden on an older computer, Norton advertises rock-bottom requirements to my amazement so here … Read More »