Windows XP Product IDs

Windows XP has many more versions than most people realize, its not just home and pro. Each of the well known types (home & pro) have 3 basic sub types, here are instructions and references on how to identify what … Read More »

Gibson ShieldsUp Firewall Test

I’ve always been very careful to make sure my firewall is working right, I don’t like using advanced firewall software like what yuo get from Norton or other vendors. The software they provide is very bloated, comes with things you … Read More »

Simple Invoices

I’ve been working with a PHP/web based invoicing system called “Simple Invoices”. The name is perfect, this system is very simple, and for a developer it’s a breeze to add those little features that are needed for your specific application. My … Read More »

Comcast Norton Without Constant Guard

Comcast provides the full unrestricted version of Norton Security Suite to its customers, this is a great offer but has just a couple of downsides: 1. Norton can be a burden on an older computer, Norton advertises rock-bottom requirements to my amazement so here … Read More »